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The Lives of Others – Donor Egg cycle August/Sept/Oct 2014

The initial preparations for our first donor egg cycle began back in July when I had to notify the Prague clinic about the onset of my period and submit the completed donor request form. This form asked us to specify … Continue reading

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Remembering Hope- Miscarriage Remembrance Service and EDD Nov/Dec 2013

Never to have seen but to have dreamed Never to have held but to have felt Never to have known but to have loved (Reflection from Miscarriage Remembrance Service) We marked 6 December 2013 as my EDD (Estimated Due Date) … Continue reading

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Results, Set up and Schedule- Getting ready for IVF2 (with IMSI and EEVA) July 2013

I have had numerous tests undertaken at my new clinic which I listed out in an earlier blog post. I attended a consultation in June with my husband to discuss the results. The outcome of these was as follows: For … Continue reading

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Loved and Lost- ‘Missed’ Miscarriage- May 2013

After the dismal 8w scan I spent another week in miserable half denial. I had made up my mind that I would request another scan and then decide my management options from there. I went to the GP to request … Continue reading

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Manic March Part 3- FET no 2- The Agony, the Ecstacy and the Fear

After a bit of confusion with an AF that started and then stopped, I finally started my medication for FET2 on 28th February. The clinic wanted me to start on Cycle Day 1 but my AF started and then stopped … Continue reading

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Manic March Part 1: Second Clinic Consultation 6th March 2013

My husband and I attended for a free consultation at a second clinic, free because we had already attended the open day at the same clinic some time previously. I arrived armed with my summary of care letter and notes … Continue reading

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Pre-period Scan, Endometrial Scratch no 2 and Being 210! FET2 February 2013

Last week I attended for my pre-period scan on day 25 of my cycle. This is the preliminary scan for my clinic before starting any fresh or frozen cycle. The main purpose of it is to check the ovaries and … Continue reading

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